Revealing the Most Anticipated Cruise Ship in Recent History

It is finally here! The most anticipated cruise ship of my time with special thanks to Celebrity’s great marketing strategy of sharing only bits and pieces at a time over the course of a year or more.

Then I got lucky enough to win a spot on the ship for 2 nights! To make it more special, I attended the ship naming ceremony with the Godmother Malala Yousafzai.

Let’s talk ship! The biggest attraction, the Magic Carpet. Was it as cool in person as it looked? Yes! And its’ functionality as a tender bridge that connected to their new tender boats was seamless, actually enjoyable, and has truly changed the tendering technique from here on out. We are no longer herded like cattle!

The Edge Spa

Next best thing – the SPA. It was so beautiful, inviting and serene. The natural stones and colours all blended so well and they had so many rooms with all different types of relaxation and meditation options.


Overall, the staterooms were great with modern colours and well laid out to maximize storage possibilities.

The staterooms with the new infinite verandahs reminded me of river cruise staterooms, where the top comes down with the press of a button, but you are still in your cabin separated by a folding door. With typical balconies, you actually step out of your room through a patio door. This feature gives you more square footage in your room, but you can’t be the first one up and sneak out on the balcony with your coffee the same way.


Eden was a space that was on everyone’s radar.  During the day, it’s a beautiful garden oasis with natural sunlight, creative cocktails and a dinner menu. In the evenings things change a bit to be an “Eden” or “Edgy” type of interpretive dance/story telling ….. interesting but not for everyone.

Eden = Edgy.  Something or someone was trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it’s cringe-worthy. (Urban Dictionary).

Restaurants & Public Spaces

All the restaurants were fabulous, with top-notch service, A+ food quality and a designer atmosphere.

All public spaces were beyond beautiful and creative. This ship is modern and fancy and is definitely a win for the cruise traveller that is now ready for something a bit more upscale and unique. Overall, it’s a beautiful ship and I’m very thankful I was able to experience this new ship that takes ocean cruising to the next level.

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Karina Thompson
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